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Media and Crafts

Media and Crafts

Operational and support Staff
Operational and support Staff

Operational staff
Coater, surface treatment operator, aeronautic controller, magnetic particle and liquid penetrant controller, jigger, sander, production agent, industrial painter, polisher, chemist, 

The knowledge and expertise of our operational staff and their continual development and training are crucial to the company's growth and position as a leader in surface treatment.

Support staff
Quality, research and development, security, environment, maintenance, IT, human resources, accounting, 
Support staff work towards the development of the company on a daily basis and are essential for ensuring team performance and maintaining the group's competitiveness.

Processing of materials
Processing of materials

Our production units allow us to bring custom-made solutions and to propose specific rocessings.
Workshops dedicated for:
- The electrolytic and chemical processings - The processings of conversion
- The processings high range the plating
- The mechanical preparation
- The polishing
- The non-destructive testing
- The applications paintings and varnish



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